Organic India Tulsi Original Tea 25tb


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Three sacred varieties of Tulsi with restorative powers are blended to create this deliciously calming, yet energising infusion of Tulsi Original tea.

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The Tulsi Original tea is a must-buy for tea lovers. 100% organic certified this tea is made using a perfect blend of the three varieties of Tulsi leaves and premium organic tea leaves. Rich in antioxidants this Tulsi tea is used to promote a healthy metabolism for anyone. You get the earthy toasty flavor in this tea with its invigorating blend of extraordinarily potent naturally restorative tulsi leaves. The tinch of lemon and citrus from Vana Tulsi the calm depth of Rama Tulsi and the slightly spicy tones of Krishna Tulsi have all been combined together to create this delicious yet energizing tea. The tea is caffeine gluten-free and gives a soothing and relaxing feel.

What is Tulsi (Holy Basil)?
Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is one of the most sacred plants in India and is considered –The Queen of the Herbs for its restorative and spiritual properties. Also spelt Tulasi or Thulasi, it has been used for thousands of years to support a healthy response to stress, natural detoxification, and restore balance and harmony. Our infusions are not only delicious and organic, they are nature’s perfect rejuvenative.

Tulsi (Holy Basil): Benefits to Body & Mind
Modern research has classified Tulsi as an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens have been shown to support the bodyΓͺs healthy reactions to stress. Adaptogenic herbs have been used in the Ayurvedic tradition for thousands of years to promote and maintain wellness. Many adaptogenic herbs have been referred to by herbalists as rejuvenative herbs, qi tonic herbs, rasayanas or restorative herbs. They help the body adapt to environmental, physical and emotional stressors, support normal functions and restore balance.