Certified Organic: What Are The Benefits?

Certified Organic

Consumers are on the lookout for reasons to eat better and want to know more about the origins and production methods of their food. There are hundreds of reasons to prefer certified organic products over conventional items; this article discusses several of them.

Certified Organic food is real food and the way our food should be!

Organic food is grown as close to nature as possible. It is grown without synthetic chemicals, hormones, genetic modification or animal cruelty. It considers the farmers and producers and helps look after our water quality, soil fertility and precious planet. It is never fumigated or irradiated.

Put simply, certified organic food and products are healthier and better for you, better for others and better for our environment so what’s not to love?

Look after yourself and enjoy organic food!

The five most significant advantages of purchasing organic products

1. Wildlife friendly

One of the most significant advantages is the reduction in the number of harmful chemicals that are employed. We are well aware that chemical fertilisers and pesticides are often damaging to wildlife, and therefore organic farms minimise their use to an extreme degree.

2. Environmentally friendly

Organic farming methods are less reliant on nonrenewable, fossil-fuel-based fertilisers and pesticides than conventional agricultural methods. Organic farming also has the added benefit of storing higher levels of carbon in the soil.

3. An improvement in the overall quality of the land

Organic techniques of production improve the soil's quality by reintroducing nutrients into the soil through the use of natural means.

4. Improved living conditions for animals

Animals that are raised organically have better and more comfortable lives as a result of the animal welfare guidelines in place today.

5. The state of human health

Increasing data suggests that organic foods may provide some health benefits for consumers. For example, according to study, organic milk and meat contain approximately 50 percent more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced items.


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